NUCCA and Seizures

NUCCA and seizuresSeizures are a neurological condition that affects 1 out of every 200 people in the United States. Seizures are categorized by the way they present, and there are numerous classifications including grand mal, petit mal, atypical, and myoclonic. As a general rule patients are provided with medication to prevent seizures and a person would have to be seizure free for about four years before a doctor would consider lifting a medication regiment. A study involving NUCCA care, however, reveals a potential alternative.

A Seizure Disorder Case Study

The patient in this case study was a girl who had her first seizure after a head injury at age four. She hit her head on the underside of a table while at daycare. She ended up with daily seizures, sometimes as many as 30 per day.

Upper cervical x-rays revealed a misalignment in the upper neck. The patient was adjusted using gentle upper cervical methods, and the success of the adjustment was immediately noted in a correction of leg length disparity. Post adjustment x-rays were then taken to observe the correction more closely.

The patient was adjusted on three consecutive days and saw the following results:

  • Day 1 – Legs were corrected to an even length from having been one inch different. Seizures continued as usual.
  • Day 2 – Legs had returned to a quarter inch difference and were once again corrected. The patient suffered no seizures after 1 pm.
  • Day 3 – An eighth of an inch leg length difference was corrected. No seizures occurred after 1 pm.

On day 17, seizures actually increased, and the patient had her worst day to date. However, after day 27, the patient went four weeks seizure free without an adjustment to her medication. At that point, her medication was cut in half, and the patient averaged from 0 to 6 seizures per day. The condition was continuing to improve when the study was concluded.

NUCCA Care to help those suffering with Epilepsy and Other Seizure Disorders

If you are suffering from seizures, especially if you have ever experienced a head or neck injury, NUCCA may be able to provide the natural relief you have been searching for. Specific x-rays are used to identify the misalignment that may be the underlying cause of symptoms. Then a gentle adjustment is administered. These long-lasting adjustments can lead to a better functioning nervous system and fewer seizures.

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