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    • Sunny Miami NUCCA Rockstar Wanted
    • We're looking for a rockstar NUCCA associate in an upscale integrative health practice. The only NUCCA practice in Miami is expanding and seeking a new doctor with upper cervical experience. Ability to speak Spanish is preferred but not required. You will work alongside a NUCCA doctor, Medical Doctor and movement specialist in our clinic just miles from the University of Miami. Strong interpersonal skills and work ethic are a must.

      Email resumes to

    • Atlas Orthogonal Practice For Sale
    • 40 year old Atlas Orthogonal/Activator practice in one of the most beautiful cities in California. Many referrals.Great place to live and raise a family. Price is negotiable. Please only email at this point to Confidential!

    • Associate Wanted
    • Well-established Amherst, NY NUCCA Cash Practice looking for the right associate. We’re interested in an upbeat people person who wants more than just a job. If you’re looking to learn a lot, not afraid of hard work and are super reliable; this is for you. We’ll train in all areas of practice success. Excellent earning potential. Must have NYS license. Visit us on the web at Email resume to or call 716-210-1060 to schedule an initial phone interview

    • Fast growing NUCCA practice seeks a fun and excited associate!
    • Connection Chiropractic is a fun, family-oriented NUCCA practice located in the Outer Mission area of San Francisco.
      As the office expands, Dr. Lila needs help keeping up with the patient load. We are looking for the perfect candidate who wants to master business practices while learning and improving NUCCA skills alongside another dedicated NUCCA doc.
      Great Salary and Bonus opportunities for the right candidate!
      If our business focus resonates with you, email Dr. Lila your resume and CV to apply for the position that could shape your Chiropractic future! We can’t wait to hear from you!

    • NUCCA practice for sale in Sacramento, California
    • Dr. Lubecki averaged 700 new patients for most of his career. He recently moved to a smaller office in the same complex, and the overhead is most reasonable. Due to some health issues he has not been taking x-rays for a year, and the practice is currently slow. However he has built up tremendous chiropractic good will over the years.
      Dr. Lubecki’s practice consists of NUCCA adjusting, plus work with cold lasers, muscle testing, and supplements. He has solved many impossible cases, and is known throughout the US and abroad. Typically half of his patients come from out of state. Some of his x-ray equipment is old, but is fully functional. When he moved to the smaller office, he did not complete the x-ray installation. However the L-frame is assembled. The sale also includes two adjusting tables and much related equipment. Practice is for sale for $35,000. 916 966-7395.

    • Practice for Sale Will Consider Self Financing to NUCCA Chiropractor
    • 14 year NUCCA Practice for sale in north west Ohio (half way between Lima, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana). City of 10,500 people with mostly agriculture and industry employing the population. The area features low crime, easy going people, no traffic jams, and a wide variety of patient issues to keep you from ever saying "I have seen it all". XYZ X-Ray frame, Varian Tube, Digital X-Ray Adaptor (I have not permanently connected yet due to all of the broken ankles/legs films I need to take). I will consider self financing allow you to pay as you go, but cash is king. This is not a NUCCA only Practice - Yes everyone receives NUCCA care, but I also provide Logan, Activator, Cranial Sacral, Reki, Nutritional Supplements, and some thoracic adjustments. There are 800,000 people within an hour drive. I see an average of 25 new patients a month with total of 4000 patients. Advertising is less than $1,000/year. I see 18-25 patients a day. There are no high pressure sales or extended patient care packages to push onto patients. I have a Clean license, and I'm well liked in the community. Now that my parents have died, I plan to move abroad. I need a Competent and Caring Doctor to care for my patients, (who really do depend upon me and therefore must be able to depend upon you). Practice grossed $142,000 last year and I paid myself $100K. This year's growth is at 14% and should gross 160k. If you would advertise and send out a newsletter, I'm sure there is plenty of room for growth. My wife runs the front desk, so you will need your own staff. Office is small (703 sq ft), but on a busy road with a $40k LED Sign and currently operating without a contract - so you can move into a bigger building just 300 feet away. email if interested, but you must know NUCCA forwards and backwards. I can help sharpen your skills and show you the other techniques. Please - no phone calls. $70,000 buys it all, or best offer, or pay as you go and skip the starvation stages of a new practice.

    • Upper Cervical Associate Opportunity in Louisiana
    • Located 26 miles north of New Orleans, Mandeville is a beautiful town on Lake Pontchartrain. The 2400 sqft office has been opened since 2008 and draws 20-30 new patients per month off of referrals alone. Currently, the doctor contracts with 2 massage therapists and a naturopathic physician within the office. This would be the ideal "turn-key" opportunity for a new grad or an established DC looking to relocate. Dr. Faler is looking for an associate to become an integral team member who is willing to learn, serve, and grow an upper cervical practice. For more details you may contact: 985-778-9887 or email: . I am open to discuss salary, benefits, and long term buy out option within 2-3 years if motivated. The practice is already established, just need a motivated DC who is ready to serve people.

    • My two greatest passions are serving people through NUCCA Chiropractic and teaching Doctors how to do exactly the same. All associate positions are not created equal. Over the last 9 years we have created one of the busiest NUCCA practices worldwide. That has only happened through our purpose, our systems and mostly results. If you are focused and willing to commit your life to learning how to become an extremely successful NUCCA Doctor, than you should definitely apply. We are accepting preceptors and Associates for our growing practice. We have short-term and long term opportunities as well as satellite practices. My direct contact is (206) 459-9995 or email me at

    • Upper Cervical Boone Frame X-ray System
    • Upper cervical Boone Frame complete with swilvel chair, tilting bucky, head clamps. Duocon -M collimator, Continental Sheridan 325 xray, Hope processor, cassettes, lead shield everything complete for upper cervical practice. $4500.00 Email for pictures.


    • Outrageous Associate Opportunity in San Francisco!
    • We are looking for a high energy chiropractor for a busy Upper Cervical office in gorgeous San Francisco! Must be motivated to build a practice and excited to share chiropractic with the community. Training and mentoring available.Upper Cervical experience not required. Salary plus bonuses structure, with future satellite potential. Please send resume and photo to

    • Gravity Stress Analyzer For Sale ($2500)
    • Brand new Gravity Stress Analyzer (GSA) for sale in Troy, Michigan. Paid $4519.41 w/ medical device charges. Only used for 1 month. Selling due to preferred use of Spine Master.

      Asking price is $2500. Pick-up is free. If require shipping, asking price will depend on shipping costs.

      Interested parties can email Precise Chiropractic at or call 248-680-7200

    • Practice for Sale in Calgary Alberta
    • This is an established NUCCA practice for sale in Calgary Alberta Canada, boasting a beautifully designed 1300 sq. ft. office. This office space has six treatment rooms, a double L frame, GSA and two elevating tables all from the Upper Cervical Store, a Carestream Vita CR system from DICOM and a DEL CM Series X-ray generator from Christie InnoMed. The store front is located on the ground floor within a busy marketplace that has ample parking and well visualized signage. This office draws patients from Calgary and surrounding towns. This clinic is set up and running smoothly with new clients inquiring daily and a loyal established base that continually refer friends and family.

      Please contact me at 403-870-8075, or email to discuss this great opportunity.

    • Associate Position Available
    • TROY, MI Do you want to learn NUCCA, even be in the certification process, and help a lot of people while having fun and make great money? Competitive base pay with bonus, malpractice paid, vacation pay, travel to seminars all paid for, fun upbeat environment. Check us out at Associate testimonies available. If you think we might be good fit, you’re eager to learn, and not afraid of work, please send your resume to today.

      "Since joining the team at Precise Chiropractic, Dr. Jamie Cramer has taught me what I've been searching for since Chiropractic school. She’s shown me how to grow my own successful practice seeing over 100 patient visits a week, I work fewer days than I did in my other associateships, while having more fun and making more money than ever before! I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Cramer and this one of a kind opportunity."
      -Dr. Paige Griggs

    • Looking for an Associate to join us in the Northwoods of WI
    • Correction Creek Chiropractic Centre LLC is located in Medford, WI. We are looking to add a driven, passionate associate to our team. We have an established practice of 30 years in our community. We rely on patient referrals as our main source of advertising and we cannot keep up with the demand.
      The ideal candidate would be a structural based DC with an emphasis on upper cervical care (NUCCA). Dr. Strama follows all standard NUCCA protocol when adjusting the upper cervical spine. We are looking for someone who is upbeat and outgoing with a strong philosophic background. You must be willing to promote yourself and the clinic and work the hours needed to build a practice. We see patients of all ages and educate lifetime chiropractic care.
      Our office is currently averaging around 25 NP a month. We are tuning away eight-ten a month that choose not to wait the four week wait to see a doctor. Our monthly visit stats run around 1900, giving us a patient visit average of 76.
      We are offering a fair contract that starts as a base salary and converts to a percentage based on services performed. You will have the opportunity to learn from two ethical, established old school Chiropractors.
      We run hard and do our best for patients.
      Please take a look at our website to become more familiar with our facility. We also have a face book page to see how we connect with our patients.
      Please submit your resume and cover letter to:
      Medford is a progressive community located in north central Wisconsin. The City is known as the industrial hub of the area with strong industrial and manufacturing sectors that provide over 6,700 jobs in this city with a population of 4,350.

    • x-ray set up
    • Selling my previous Double L frame and summit 300/125 system. Purchased a newer hi-freq single L-frame unit and was planning to put the other in satellite office. Turns out that the xray room is too small and frame wouldn't fit (room was already built from previous DC). So now it's time to sell. Comes with uniline double L-frame, 14x17 bucky with head clamps attached and 12:1 grid (i think). Port is closed down on collimator for 10x12 upper cervical films but can be easily removed if not needed. If any questions feel free to call at 616.308.8035. Asking $4,000 for entire setup. Must pick up. Thanks for looking.

    • Colorado Practice for Sale
    • Turn-key NUCCA practice for sale in beautiful western Colorado. Currently functioning with two part time Doctors but could function with one full time. Current doctors are looking at relocating closer to family. The office draws patients from over 100 miles away and has a strong base within 50 miles. The nearest NUCCA doctors are approximately 5 hours away so there is a lot of area to draw from. The western slope of Colorado has a very mild weather pattern with many sunny days and very few below freezing or over 100 degrees. Only minutes from the mountains to cool down in the summer or play in the snow in the winter and in the other direction only minutes from the desert for the warmer activities. Many outdoor opportunities including world class ski resorts, ice climbing, biking, hiking, hunting, and fishing nearby. $125,000
      Contact Melissa at 563-940-2262 or email at for more information.

    • Varian RAD-60 x-ray tube, brand new, half price
    • I have two Varian RAD-60 x-ray tubes for sale. They are brand new, NOS. They have been sitting in their factory boxes since 2004. These are rated at 400,000 heat units. 0.6 and 1.2 focal spot sizes. Housing is the B-130H. $4,000 each, which is half price. 415 457-9600.

    • Lloyd Upper Cervical Hydraulic Table
    • Lloyd Hydaulic Upper Cervical Table
      Recovered and added extra padding. 10 year old table. Bought new for $2700. Looking for about $1200 for this great table.

      Contact Dr. Thor Mongie for more information (702) 258-7860 or email:

    • Fast growing NUCCA practice seeks a fun and excited associate!
    • Finishing school and aren\'t sure where you are headed?

      Are you a dedicated NUCCA intern looking for the perfect opportunity?

      Do you want to learn business operations and marketing in a practical setting?

      Do you want to master your NUCCA skills?

      Connection Chiropractic is a fun, family-oriented NUCCA practice located in the Outer Mission area of San Francisco. As the office expands, Dr. Lila needs help keeping up with the patient load. We are looking for the perfect candidate who needs help learning the business side of the office while learning and improving NUCCA skills alongside another dedicated NUCCA doc who is working through the certification program as well.

      About Connection Chiropractic:
      Connection Chiropractic?s Vision is to create world Health through Nerve System Re-connection

      Connection Chiropractic?s Mission:
      Connection Chiropractic is a team of mindful, positive and dedicated Chiropractors and people who are always striving to provide balanced, integrated, and honest healthcare. We work within the guidelines of NUCCA Chiropractic protocols and Connection Chiropractic?s points of culture to ensure that every patient under care receives optimum health benefits and moves closer to ideal health while helping to create a fundamental shift in the attitudes and actions of our human culture.

      If our business focus resonates with you, email Dr. Lila your resume and CV to apply for the position that could shape your Chiropractic future! We can?t wait to hear from you!

      Contact Information:

    • Offering preceptorships and associateships!
    • Call Dr. Daniel Fedeli at 312-787-7222 or email him at if interested!

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