Begin your search for a NUCCA Doctor by Zip Code.

A few tips on searching for NUCCA doctors:

  • When searching, the results are based on closest proximity from where you search. Inputting your zip code will work best in providing accurate results.
  • The results will default to show the first 25 doctors within 25 miles, to expand your search, use the “distance” and “# of results” dropdowns.
  • This directory publishes contact information for NUCCA Doctors that are current members of the NUCCA Organization.
  • There is not a NUCCA doctor located in every City or State.
  • You can  narrow your search by selecting certification levels. Please note: only choose one level of certification when searching.
  • The results are ordered by certification level first, starting with Board Certified, followed by Certified Level 2, Level 1 then the remaining. The first doctors listed may not be the closest doctors to your location search.

Color Legend:

Directory Pin Green = Board Certified NUCCA Doctor  = Level 3 Candidate = Level 2 Candidate = Level 1 Candidate

= Inactive Candidate Directory pin gray = NUCCA Member  Directory red pin = Your Location