Issue 12 Spring 2012

Message from the President

FLORIDA here we come!!!! The sun, the beaches, Disney World, Tornados and let's not forget the Alligators. Something for everyone. Never has a NUCCA conference been at such a world class five star property. If that were not enough Dr Packer has been working hard on a first class program featuring several new never before done classes. This conference is dedicated to celebrating the students something each and every one of us can identify with. We are expecting a record turnout of students and a continuation of the camaraderie that has been a growing tradition of the conferences. We have a complete set of new x-ray instruments that will be launched at this conference and a wine and cheese event Thursday evening followed by the President's Reception Friday evening. We will slide in a business meeting Thursday evening after an attitude adjustment at the wine and cheese and finish out Saturday with NUCCA jeopardy led by Dr. Flory.

The question is: have we received your registration yet? If not what are you waiting for? Never has getting better at NUCCA been sooomuch fun.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Lee G. Yardley, D.C.
Board Certified NUCCA Practitioner,
President, NUCCA Board of Directors,
Chair, Educational Committee,
Director, Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCRF)


Dr. MacDonald Reports:

Adam Aron, Neuroscientist, et al., "Triangulating a cognitive network using diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and functional MRI," University Of San Diego, Journal Of Neuroscience, April 4, 2007.

Dr. Aron offers important insight into the intricate mechanics of Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI)) and Cervical Spine Injury, which can be helpful for us as upper cervical spine specialists. He explains that the Ethmoid, Sphenoid and Anterior Fossa of the Frontal bones have many bony prominences and ridges. These ridges can bruise the brain when it is thrust forward.

The large White Matter tracts can be sheared: Diffuse Axonal Injury. Actually there is tractioning of the spinal cord through the Foramen Magnum.

These White Matter tracts are high speed connections between distant regions of the brain that help control our behavior, including movement and possibly emotions. These connect with the Subthalamic Nucleus within the mid-brain, which is the interface with the motor system, also considered a Stop- Button or the Brake.

The command to put on the brakes comes from the Right Inferior Frontal Cortex.

Parkinson's patients in advanced stages can become frozen in their movements, because the Subthalamic Nucleus or Stop-Button seems to always be on.

"The findings could be useful not only for understanding movement control," Aron said, "but also 'self-control' and how control functions are affected in a range of neuropsychiatric conditions such as addiction, Tourette's syndrome, stuttering and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder."

Patients who come to us with a history of auto injuries involving head and neck trauma are not only correlated with the symptoms they complain of, but also the many inexplicable behavior problems they are experiencing. As one becomes informed in the anatomical regions of the brain that can be damaged in high force auto accidents, a greater understanding of the patient's condition can be recognized.

A proper correction of the Atlas Subluxation Complex can reduce stress and tractioning of the Central Nervous System and offer relief to these patients and begin the healing process.

UCRF Research Update

On February 18, 2012, the NUCCA procedure with a research update was presented to medical professionals and MS patients at the International Society Neurovascular Disease (ISNVD) Conference in Orlando, FL. The podium was shared with such renowned CCSVI Researchers as: Dr. Paulo Zamboni, Dr. Michael Dake, Dr. Robert Zivadinov, to mention a few.

Dr. Zamboni presented findings that CCSVI occurs in other conditions such as migraine and irritable bowel syndrome. The general consensus outcry regarded the lack of CCSVI research in the venoplasty 'Liberation' procedure. Of the estimated 10,000 patients undergoing the procedure since 2009, about 240 such patients have been included in case studies or investigational trials. A gold standard double blind clinical trial appears illusive, yet is mandatory to gain acceptance in the medical and insurance community. The inability of neurologists to accept the possibility that CCSVI actually exists underlies the lack of clinical trials. IRBs require a neurologist on the research team for any clinical trial, yet no neurologist aspires to jeopardize their career chasing perceived windmills. Dr. Jack Burks, the Neurologist Chief Medical Officer for Multiple Sclerosis Association of America, received much criticism from patients for not promoting more research into CCSVI. His solution was to have a meeting of health professionals to decide what to do.

While many patients were touting the benefits of the liberation procedure there was 20 to 30% who were interested in other approaches. The Liberation procedure does not work for everyone. There has been no study on this patient demographic thus predicting who the procedure works on or doesn't or for how long is near impossible.

A dentist from Glasgow stood up during the roundtable to describe a triage procedure addressing dental, TMJ and spinal issues (structural care) before considering Liberation. Patients who responded to structural care; TMJ, cranio-sacral work and chiropractic, did not require venoplasty or Liberation. Those patients where structural care was used prior to Liberation, success rates reported were 90% success rate over a year. It is unknown how long a patient benefits from the Liberation procedure. He urged a sensible triage procedure be used looking at structure before surgery. His advice to me was 'not to give up bashing heads with those guys (MD's); they will have to get it.'

The reality is that anecdotal information from the internet supports the theory that Upper Cervical Chiropractic helps in MS especially helping those where Liberation failed. After the NUCCA presentation, many failed liberation patients sought advice in search of a NUCCA practitioner. Many cards were passed out referring them to the NUCCA web site. There clearly is demand for NUCCA care in the MS population particularly those patients of failed Liberation procedures.

Conversations with Dr. E. Mark Haacke, who has developed a 'gold standard' imaging procedure to diagnose MS and CCSVI, led to an expressed desire to collaborate on any project once money was raised to conduct it. He is willing to brainstorm any ideas that could lead to any such collaboration. He suggested introduction of his procedure with the imaging center where the Migraine study Phase Contrast MR is being conducted in Calgary. Dr. Haacke and I were the only presenters who alluded to the possibility that CSF flow or lack thereof played a role in CCSVI and MS.

I was able to connect with Dr. Franz Schelling. He provided the MS venous flow mechanism theory and supporting research Dr. Zamboni used in developing the Liberation procedure. Dr. Zamboni awarded Dr. Schelling the ISNVD Gold Medal for his contribution to CCSVI Research. Dr. Schelling sent an MS patient to Dr. Hasick for NUCCA care. He believes the Atlas misalignment effects the veins as a mechanism, stating the CSF flow plays a minor role. Dr. Schelling considers NUCCA ideal for those patients with high upper cervical venous restrictions, where it is impractical and dangerous to use balloon venoplasty or insert stents.

The President of the CCSVI Alliance, Sharon Richardson, is very interested in NUCCA care thanks to Dr. Mike Flanagan and internet anecdotes. Two years post Liberation, she now suffers foot drop, unrelieved by standard chiropractic care (Activator). Dr. Michael Dake from Stanford performed Sharon's procedure. Her good friend, who was also liberated by Dr. Dake, reports great success in receiving NUCCA care from a certified practitioner. Her friend has not felt this well in many years, even after her Liberation procedure. As a result, Dr. Dake is very curious and shows interest in collaboration. Ms. Richardson lives in Denver where there are no certified Doctors.

While the internet abounds in advice for MS patients to seek Upper Cervical care, the ISNVD Conference provided an ideal venue to educate MS patients and Medical Doctors to the research based Chiropractic procedure, NUCCA.

Further information can be found at:;;; Web Report on Patient Day:

Spring Conference in Orlando!

'Celebrating the Students – A Look into Our Future'

Don't miss our 2012 conference event this spring as we have a number of new components and our special guest speaker is Dr. Scott Rosa who will be discussing his greatly received current research.

NUCCA is also offering complimentary one-on-one consultations with Board Member and certified NUCCA doctor, Steve MacDonald. Our complimentary Wine and Cheese event is being sponsored by Titronics and Chirosecure Insurance company who is offering as a benefit to NUCCA members, a discount on the nation's premier malpractice insurance.

We're meeting at the beautiful Rosen Shingle Creek Resort which is nestled on a 230-acre site along Shingle Creek just 10 minutes away from the Orlando International Airport. It's an ideal location and a short distance to a variety of Orlando's best attractions, restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues. Guest rooms offer luxurious first-class settings that capture the hotel environment and capitalize on Rosen Shingle Creek's elevation. You can secure reservations by calling toll-free 888/697-7997; direct – 407-996-3309. Our group name is National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. Please note: the property requires a five day notice for all cancellations except in case of emergency.

The Rosen Shingle Resort is known for outstanding golf opportunities, so we negotiated a discount on rounds played prior to 2:30 PM, the cost to NUCCA conference attendees is now $99 reduced from $114 and after 2:30, our rate goes down to $49.00.

In addition, our Gregory Circle/ Research Philanthropist VIP cocktail event this year will take place on the golf course with an innovative putting contest Saturday evening after class, so plan to stay until Sunday! If you're not a Gregory Circle member or Research Philanthropist, it's never too late to sign up. Contact the NUCCA office for details.

Practice Innovation 2012

This year's event was super-charged! People were highly motivated and sharing practice success information regardless of how new or well-seasoned they were in the upper cervical community. We also had the good fortune to have a film crew on site and the live streaming product will soon be available for viewing. Be on the lookout for upcoming details!



Student Scholarship

We have had several wonderful entries to this season's student scholarship contest addressing the theme of "Celebrating the Students: A Look into our Future". The winners will be announced at the spring conference and will also receive complimentary registration. Stay tuned!




Dr. Marshall Dickholtz, Sr., UCRF Board Member and Director Emeritus, recently received a tremendous award, a slate plaque from Dr. Christopher Kent and the Chiropractic Leadership Alliance. Dr. Dickholtz says: "As I have devoted all my efforts in chiropractic towards NUCCA, I feel this award is also given to our organization along with my other entire Chiropractor of the Year Awards." Congratulations Dr. Dickholtz for an honor well deserved!



NUCCA Patient Spotlight

When Shelly Gaudry could barely get her socks on because of spinal pain, she knew she had to do something. It was the first step in a journey that would end with NUCCA care almost two years later.

Not one to jump into medicine right away, Shelly's first step was to try a local chiropractor even though she was fearful of chiropractic care. Unfortunately, the traditional chiropractic adjustments seemed to aggravate her pain, so when she received a referral to see an osteopath in Chicago, she took it. The osteopath confirmed four bulging discs on MRI and told her they were the cause of her intense low back pain, leg pain, and numbness in her foot. When she did not respond after a few osteopathic manipulations, he recommend an immediate surgery consultation.

After researching outcomes of spine surgery, Shelly was more afraid of going under the knife than she was of visiting a chiropractor. She had head about mechanical decompression and decided if surgery was her only option, she'd rather be stretched-out than go-under. She began six months of spinal decompression, at a cost of around $10,000.

Six months later she found herself more frustrated than ever. Her leg pain and foot numbness were diminished, but her low back was so tense she could barely stand on a hard surface for very long. Released from decompression, she began working out in a swimming pool to strengthen her back. At the pool she met a woman who recommended she try NUCCA chiropractic. After spending so much on her spine already, she decided to hold-out to see if the exercise would help. Six months later, without many gains, she was open to the idea when different friend told her to go see a NUCCA doctor.

"The very first treatment he gave me I had immediate relief," Shelly said of her first adjustment with Dr. Schalow, a NUCCA chiropractor in Rockford, Illinois. "The tightness in my low back started going away immediately." The doctor had warned her that her healing was going to take time, so the quick response of her spine was a pleasant surprise after two years of suffering. "I was taking 3 to 4 Vicodin a day, plus over-the-counter meds," said Shelly. "Most of the day I spent in a recliner or in a bed. I had a complete turnaround, and went back to teaching and helping my husband with his college funding business."

"The great thing about Shelly," said Dr. Schalow, "is that even though she found relief quickly, she listened to my instructions and gave me enough time to help her get that Atlas vertebra right where it needed to be."

Looking back on her ordeal Shelly wasn't shy about what she learned. "I wish I would have gone to see Dr. Schalow first. I feel like I lost two years of my life."

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