Student NUCCA / Upper Cervical Club Info

Chiropractic colleges throughout the United States feature NUCCA clubs that have been organized to introduce students to the basics of NUCCA protocol. Most of the clubs meet two times a week to go over x-ray positioning and analysis, biomechanics, and the steps necessary to make an effective upper cervical correction.

Your NUCCA club can also host doctors from all over the nation to come to your school and speak about everything from testimonials and professional opportunities to taking better x-rays and mastering adjustive procedures.

Whether you are just investigating or you made the choice to use the NUCCA technique in your clinic, having a club on campus is a fantastic resource for information and mentorship.

If you would like to start a NUCCA club, the first step is to get permission from student services/student council and contact the NUCCA offices at 800/541-5799. There will be a NUCCA doctor that will contact you concerning scheduling and education formats.

Life West – NUCCA Club

Palmer – NUCCA Club

President’s Name: Chris Kliem
President’s email:
Vice President: Jeff Forrest,

Club email:
Club address:
Life West Chiropractic College West
25001 Industrial Blvd.
Hayward, CA 94545
Attn: NUCCA Club

Meetings: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:20 to 9:50am
New classes 2013:
Officers change:
Advisor: Ramona Houston, DC

President: Ty Wilson
President’s Phone Number:
Vice President of External Affairs – Shane Preece, (801) 512-6289
Vice President of Internal Affairs – Trevor Hillard, (563) 424-8830
Vice President of Logistics – Luke Sesker, (515) 720-9004

Club Meetings: weekly on Tues & Fri @ 9:20am
Club email:
Club mailing address:
PCC Box 2115
1000 Brady St.
Davenport IA 52803
Club Advisor: Dr. Ramneek Bhogal

Northwestern Health Sciences University – NUCCA

Upper Cervical Student
Society – Life Chapter

Club President: Tad Norris
President Email:
Club Advisor: Bill Elkington, DC Advisor,
or 952.888.4777 ext 475

President’s Name: Brandi Whitehouse
President’s Phone Number: 404.457.4392
President’s Email:
The Upper Cervical Club Meets: Wed 5 – 6:30 p.m. in CCE 149

Club Advisor: Dr. Charmaine Herman, Advisor,
Club email:

Facebook Page:

Palmer Florida – Upper
Cervical Club (inactive)

Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida
4777 City Center Parkway
Port Orange, FL 32129